Welcome to Riviera Village! You have arrived at a unique beachside destination loved by locals and vacationers. Riviera Village is 3 miles south of King Harbor in Redondo Beach, California. You will discover Riviera Village is a hub for fashion and art, with exciting galleries, boutiques and home décor as well as a delicious restaurant scene. Pamper yourself at a salon or spa – or, join a fitness class for your mind, body and spirit.

Bicycle friendly, the Village is just steps from the beach and the famous strand. Enjoy some beach time and take in the sunset. Then stroll Riviera Village to enjoy Happy Hour or linger for dinner. What are you waiting for? Meet me in the Village!

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Village Spotlight

Always Fabulous

Always Fabulous is a high-end designer consignment boutique carrying renowned designer brands like Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors and many others. The range of consignment fashions consist of jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, shoes, belts, handbags, jewelry, athleisure wear and evening wear.


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