The Riviera Village is a great destination for the day or just for a quick shopping or dining break. It is the perfect place to enjoy the beach or the South Bay Bike Trail for a couple of hours before relaxing with a few cocktail and dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants.

Riviera Village Shuttle & Bus Services

Riviera Village is ideally located right on the main South Bay Bus Routes for easy access 24 hours a day.Buses run regularly on the Pacific Coast Highway linking all the Beach cities and also inland to most neighborhoods in the South bay

Terranea Shuttle

Their is a shuttle between the Riviera Village and the Terranea Resort 4 times daily. The shuttle is great for people staying at the resort to come in and have some fun and not worry about driving home.

Taxi's & Uber

The South bay Beach Cities are ideal communities for Uber. It is quick and easy to jump a ride down from Manhattan beach or other neighborhoods.